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Corroboree CoVid-19 Information 2020

Corroboree CoVid-19 Information 2020

This plan is to assist our guests to understand how Corroboree Lodge will operate in a CovidSafe environment.

Our Operation Plan follow all necessary recommendations listed by the Australian Federal Government and the NSW Health Department. We have also adopted guidelines from other sources such as AHA and TAA.

Getting to Corroboree Lodge

  • We would like all our guests to plan their journey to Perisher carefully. We suggest arrival in Perisher late-morning to avoid the crowds and minimise the delay for an available Oversnow shuttle to Corroboree.
  • Perisher are suggesting guests drive up to Perisher, drop off persons and all luggage. Then 1 person only drive to Bullocks Flat and catch the ski-tube up the mountain. The ski-tube will be operating with limited capacity due to self-distancing rules in place.
  • Hans Oversnow will also have to operate within the CovidSafe restrictions which will limit their capacity on each transport. Please be aware that this will delay their operations and that there could be a longer than usual wait for your oversnow transfer to Corroboree

This season will need everyone to be patient and calm.

 Check-in Procedure
  • We will need to be careful with Guests arrivals at the lodge so as not to clash with other guests. We may need to ask you to wait until the entryway is clear of others.
  • If any guest arrives with any flu/virus symptoms they will have their temperature checked and if their temperature is over 37.5, you and others travelling with you will asked to self-isolate in your booked rooms.
  • After 1 hour your temperature will be checked again. If it is still 37.5degrees or higher, you & your travelling party will be asked to vacate the lodge and go to Jindabyne to have a CoVid-19 test. If it is too late to vacate the lodge, you and your travelling party must stay in your rooms until the next morning when we can organise an ambulance or other transport to take you back to your car or to the CoVid19 Clinic in Jindabyne.
  • If you test negative – you are welcome to continue your stay with us.
  • If you test ‘positive’ your booking will be cancelled and a refund will be given for the remaining days on your booking.
  • We require all guests to have the COVIDSafe app on their phones.

“COVIDSafe app is part of our work to slow the spread of COVID-19. Having confidence, we can find and contain outbreaks quickly will mean governments can ease restrictions while keeping Australians safe. The new COVIDSafe app is completely voluntary”.

  • All guests will have their temperature recorded morning and night. This will be recorded accordingly.
  • Guests must check-out and leave the lodge by 9:30am. You may leave your luggage downstairs in the bar but only if you are skiing on the day of departure.


Breakfast: There will need to be 2 sittings. 

  • First sitting will be from 7am - 8am. The last service during this time will be at 7:40am. This will allow us time for essential cleaning and re-set the eating areas for the next sitting.
  • Second breakfast sitting: 8am -9am. 
  • Staggered breakfast times will also assist with the congestion around access to the drying room.
  • Family groups will sit together. 
  • Each room and groups that have travelled together will sit together with a maximum of 10 per table

Children and adults will be served at the same time, children will not be able to run free after they have finished breakfast-they must stay at the table with their parents or go to their rooms.

Dinner: There will be 2 sittings for dinner.

  • Parents must be responsible for their children’s behaviour and social distancing as children are NOT exempt from the rule. 
  • We intend to serve the children meals at the first sitting and the adults at the second sitting. 
  • All children will be served dinner at 5:45pm (except if night skiing is on then the children’s meal will be at 5pm).
  • Children will be seated on separate tables adhering to the 1.5m self-distancing rule.
  • Family groups will be seated together. 
  • Adults dinner will be served from 7pm.
  • To adhere to the 4m2 rule, it is essential for us to use the dining room, the bar lounge, and the bar area for dinner service. This is the only way we can manage to fit all our adult guests in at the same sitting time. 
  • The children need to stay upstairs after dinner and practice self-distancing as necessary.

Lodge Common Areas

Social distancing of 1.5m must be our priority in Corroboree. We have calculated the numbers permitted in each area and these must be strictly obeyed. Posters will be displayed around the lodge to remind our guests about these CoVid-19 restrictions.

All downstairs areas

  • Children will not be allowed to come downstairs unless accompanied by an adult. 
  • Each area downstairs has restricted numbers. 
  • The bar: 18 guests at one time.
  • The dining room: 21 guests at one time
  • The bar lounge: 10 guests at one time

The Ski/Drying Room

  • We will need to limit the number of people in the drying room.
  • 4 people only are permitted into the drying room at one time. 
  • The skis/boards for each room or family should be taken outside and placed together in the snow before other gear is organised.
  • Ski/Board boots are to put on in the foyer area or in allocated seats in the dining area.
  • The fire-door near Room 18 will also be used as an exit door.

Upstairs Lounge Areas

  • Strict 1.5m social distancing rules apply to the various sitting areas in the upstairs area.
  • Families can all sit together and groups who have travelled together can sit together.
  • Please be mindful of couples.
  • Children are to stay in the children’s area or in their rooms, unless they are sitting with an adult.

Bob’s Bar

  • The bar can have 18 people (Adults or children) at one time.
  • Alcohol can only be consumed by customers whilst seating.
  • Table service is not mandatory.
  • Guests can order food & beverages at the bar – while maintaining the 1.5m self-distancing rule.
  • Appropriate floor markings & signage will be displayed.

Please be considerate to all guests in the lodge and share these areas. We are all in this together.

Record Keeping

  • A record of name & mobile number or email address for all guests is mandatory.
  • These records will only be used for the purpose of tracing CoVid-19 infections and will be stored confidentially and securely. All records will be destroyed after 28 days.
  • All guests & staff will be asked to load the COVIDSafe app onto their phones.

Cleaning, Disinfecting & Sanitising Procedures

  • All common areas of the lodge will be cleaned prior, during and after breakfast and dinner.
  • Public toilets will be checked and cleaned every 2hours.
  • We will be cleaning all surfaces daily. 
  • Special attention will be given to all surfaces that are frequently touched. 
  • Dining room tables & chairs will be disinfected between breakfast & dinner sittings.
  • Dining room coffee and tea area will be cleaned & disinfected every 2 hours.
  • Bar will be cleaned & disinfected morning and night as deemed necessary.
  • Ski/Drying room will be fogged evening & morning with Nanocyn 
  • Nanocyn can be sprayed on all porous and non-porous surfaces i.e. lounges, cushions, blankets, tables, chairs, ski gear etc
  • All common areas will be vacuumed & disinfected daily.
  • Windows will be cleaned regularly.

Nanocyn is a TGA AUS approved sanitisation agent that can be dispensed via vapour or spray bottles.
Eliminates Bacteria & Viruses, including SARS-CoV-2(COVID-19) in 30 seconds.
Sanitisation active ingredient is IONISED water making it 100% biodegradable.

Cleaning & Disinfection are 2 different processes:

Cleaning means physically removing dirt, grime and organic matter from surfaces.

Disinfecting means using chemicals to kill germs. It is important to clean before disinfecting because organic matter & dirt can reduce the effectiveness of disinfectants.

Servicing & Cleaning Guest Rooms:

  • Guest rooms will have a light service each morning – this service will include emptying all garbage bins, checking tissues & toilet paper supplies, turning lights off and taking out any cups, glasses, cutlery in the rooms.
  • A full clean will happen on checkout following all the normal cleaning procedures required to follow the CoVid-19 cleaning regime.

Staff Requirements for Cleaning all areas of the lodge

  • Bathrooms will be cleaned with detergent and disinfectant.
  • All dirty linen to be placed directly into laundry bags inside the rooms.
  • Full clean in line with the CoVid19 recommendations.

CoVid-19 or Symptoms Bedroom Clean

  • Staff to wear disposable suit, gloves, goggles and a face mask.
  • Do not shake linen or towels. Place all linen in sealed laundry bags and label appropriately with CoVid-19 ID.
  • Mattress and pillow protectors, doonas, and pillows all to be sanatised.
  • All hard surfaces to be cleaned first with soap and water then disinfect as per previous instructions.
  • Full room clean as per CoVid-19 instructions from NSW Health
  • Open windows to air the room.
  • Vacuum with Hepa Vacuum Cleaner.
  • 24hours before the next guest can come into the room.

Caring for our Guests & our Staff

  • Staff temperatures will be taken prior and after their shift, which will be logged daily.
  • Where reasonably practical staff will maintain 1.5m self-distancing always.
  • Staff are required to wash their uniforms weekly.
  • Staff common bathroom to be cleaned frequently
  • Staff have access to all cleaning & sanitising products
  • Staff to complete a CoVid-19 induction, including full hand-washing demonstration, hygiene sanitation, cleaning processes and requirements to deal with all situations regarding    CoVid-19.
  • Staff training in relation to staying away from work when sick, physical distancing, cleaning requirements and managing sick customers.
  • Staff will be completing a COVID-19 awareness for food service course. The training covers key measures recommended for COVID-19 control in NSW food retail and food service

Course Topics

  • COVID-19 Introduction and background.
  • Infection, signs and symptoms.
  • Self-protective measures.
  • Protective measures for premises and personal hygiene.
  • Cleaning and sanitation practices.
  • Social distancing measures.

If a staff member is infected with CoVid-19

  • Call ambulance and send infected person to have a CoVid-19 test.
  • Inform all guests about the infection and start process to evacuate all guests from the lodge immediately.
  • All staff to have CoVid-19 test.
  • All staff to self-isolate in the lodge.
  • Timetable will be drawn up as to when each member can use the kitchen etc.
  • Corroboree Lodge will close for the season.

Actions in the Event of a COVID-19 contamination in Lodge

If a person staying in or visiting the Lodge has or contracts COVID-19, the following process will be undertaken:

  • The infected person will immediately be isolated and then transferred to suitable premises/accommodation/hospital.  Transfer of the infected person will follow any specific requirements issued by the NSW Department of Health.
  • The Lodge will be shut down as rapidly as possible and all occupants will be required to vacate the premises.  All occupants will be advised to self-isolate and undergo testing.
  • The Department of Health will be advised of the infection and the Lodge will follow any direction issued by the Department or their delegate.  The Department will be issued with a list of all occupants/contacts by the Lodge Manager without delay.
  • The NPWS will be advised of the infection and the Lodge will follow any direction issued by the Service or their delegate.
  • The Lodge Manager will organise a deep clean of the Lodge.  No subsequent occupation will be permitted until such cleaning is complete.
  • All guests of the Lodge will be advised of the infection.

If a person has symptoms of COVID-19 but the infection is not yet confirmed, the following process will be undertaken:

  • The person who has the symptoms will be required to have a COVID-19 test without delay.
  • The person will be isolated in their bedroom until such time as the COVID-19 test is confirmed.  If that person is a minor their parent or guardian will be responsible for the care of that minor and that parent/guardian will also be isolated.
  • The Lodge will inform all guests staying in the premises of the potential risk of infection.  Additional cleaning may be required in the areas the person has accessed.
  • The person may choose to vacate the Lodge prior to the outcome of a COVID-19 test.  In this instance, the guest will be required to inform the Lodge of the results of the COVID-19 test.
  • The Lodge will monitor the COVID-19 test status or be informed of the departure of the guest.  The name and contact details of that guest will be supplied without delay to the Lodge.
  • The Lodge will follow up the guest to confirm the results of the COVID-19 test.  If that test is positive, the Lodge will immediately inform all other persons that have occupied the Lodge in that week of that status and commence the process set out above for a COVID-19 infection.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, please call us if you have ANY concerns. 
We are all in this together and yes, this snow season will be unlike any snow season we have ever experienced.
We will be keeping you updated on the ever-changing CoVid-19 restrictions.

We are thrilled that we are able to open our doors this season – we will endeavour to keep the lodge as safe and healthy as possible, Our focus is the health and safety of all our guests and staff.

We need your help and understanding to do this.

Looking forward to seeing you,



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